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“Our favorite holding period is forever
- Warren Buffett

Our investment strategy consists of searching for firms that have strong business fundamentals, and capable operators to realize growth for our investors. 

We develop deal structures that allow for effective collaboration between the leadership team and our advisory members.  Our team is uniquely positioned at the nexus of finance and operations to help all stakeholders generate “win-win” situations through our action-based approach to value creation over the long-run.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

What We Look For


Deep expertise and track record of leadership team

We look for operators that have been leading the business for at least 5 years and have demonstrated growth of revenue and/or market share in a large market.


Established business financials

We look for businesses that have either recurring revenue models or those that have platforms that encourage regular usage to drive value.


Continued commitment to growth

Our target portfolio firms have leaders that have the skills and drive to take the business further but lack the capital, capacity, or strategy to do so efficiently.  We seek opportunities to add value to these firms so that we can issue dividends our realize exits for our partners.


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